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Evolution of the X•OTIC Colour Custom Paint System

The X-otic Colours Custom Paint System solves problems for custom painters and the distribution system resulting in greater customer satisfaction and profits!

Our company observed problems in the custom paint industry and recognized opportunity.  The development of the X-otic Colours Custom Paint System was designed to be a problem solver for customers.  These customers are comprised of the skilled artisans and crafts people referred to in the automobile refinish industry as custom painters.  Surprisingly, solving problems for custom painters resulted in benefits for other components of the custom paint industry including distributors, jobbers, and our sales representatives.

The initial problem for custom painters often occurred when they placed their order from an illustrated color card.  Custom painters generally found the color they chose was not immediately available.  In some cases, even a warehouse distributor did not have the color.  The painter would be required to wait until additional paint was manufactured.  This was unsatisfactory.  This problem occurred because jobbers or warehouse distributors would be required to have extensive and costly inventories for the myriad of available colors, some of which were rarely sold.  Custom painters found stock factory colors another limiting factor.  Further, new colors were rarely added to the selection of stock factory colors.  As artisans, custom painters want the ability to style and design new and original colors for artistic impact.

The evolution of the X-otic Colours custom paint system solves problems for custom painters.  First, the customer obtains the color they select immediately.  The X-otic Colours Custom Paint System produces color "on demand."  Custom painters obtain the products they want without costly and untimely delay.  Orders for custom paint can be filled immediately.  Second, X-otic Colours frees custom painters from the restrictions of a limited choice of unchanging stock factory color.  The X-otic Colours Custom Design and Styling Book is a unique colour predictor.  The book contains an innovative colour transparency overlay system that allows the visualization, prior to mixing, of unlimited colours.  These color creations can then be produced with our easy to follow formulas.  The imaginations of these craftsmen determine the end product.  The X-otic Colours System allows for virtually unlimited color design and styling.

Solving these problems for custom painters also resulted in immediate and positive benefits for the distribution system.  Only six untinted neutral base products and tints must be maintained in inventory to produce all colors.  The distribution system can eliminate an extensive and costly inventory of factory colors.  There is no stale inventory.  There are no obsolete colours.  There are no slow moving products eroding profits.  The system reduces the industry trend for large inventory requirements.


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