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 Advantages of the X-OTIC Colours
Custom Paint System and Products

Why the X-OTIC Colours Custom Paint System is unique:

  • An endless variety of colours are produced from just six untinted neutral bases.

  • Tinting transforms these six neutral base products into eight complete product lines of Basecoats, our product line of Candee Mid Coats, and our product line of Jammin' Coats.

  • The X-otic Colours Custom Design and Styling Book contains an innovative colour transparency overlay system.  This book is a unique predictor of colour.  It allows for viewing, (prior to mixing), of an unlimited color selection.  The X-otic Colours Custom Design and Styling book also provides over 300 illustrated Colours.

  • X-otic Colours, Inc. reduces a trend in the industry that requires the distribution system to constantly carry larger inventories.  The entire concept of this system is based on reducing the requirement to carry large inventories.  All colours are produced from just these six neutral bases that are tinted at the point of sale.  Therefore, the distribution system does not have to inventory hundreds of quarts of paint to have the one correct product for their customer.

The X-otic Colours Styling Center:

  • Organizes and places all tints, neutral bases, and formulas within "arms reach" on our self-contained tinting bench.  All of our unlimited colour options are immediately accessible from this one central point.  This saves time.

  • The styling center requires minimal space, is easily moved, and could be portable.

  • X-otic Colours has chosen a dispensing system that uses solvent proof HDPE plastic bottles.  Easy agitation and accurate dispensing (as small an amount as I drop) is assured.  This option also allows for minute trial mixtures.

  • Colours are never out of stock.  Only six untinted neutral bases are required along with our Epoxee Primer, tint pastes, toners, dry pearls, and cleers.

X-otic Colours Offers Superior Product Performance at Substantial Savings: 

  • X-otic Colours, acrylic urethanes, employ proven coatings chemistry with the latest colour technology.

  • Conventional application methods require a sealer coat.  The X-otic Colours application sequence does not! This will save money in sealer costs and hours of labor.  This further improves the competitiveness of our products and price advantage.

  • X-otic Colours primers have eliminated hexavalent chrome without any reduction in resistance to corrosion.  This makes our primer safer to use and more environmentally friendly.

  • All application coats are U.V. protected.  Other manufactures are not providing this level of protection.

  • X-otic Colours has prepared extensive Product Application Directions for custom painters.  These detailed directions yield proven results and positive outcomes.

  • The X-otic Colours Custom Paint System produces greater customer satisfaction along with substantial benefits for the distribution system.

In Our State-of-the-Art Laboratory: 

  • New specialty coatings and application technologies are under development.  We are continually evaluating the latest offerings from our suppliers that will become our next generation of products.  X-otic Colours, Inc. is committed to being first in bringing you brilliant and "eye catching" new colour.


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